24 | 06 | 2018

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Titel: Digital Bauhaus 2017: Being Modern

Datum: 16 June 2017
Enddatum:  - 17 June 2017
Startzeit: 12:00
Endzeit: 21:00
Ort: Weimar

Modern life is rubbish. Or is it? Being modern seems to have gone out of fashion and a notion emptied of all significance, merely a shallow reference to worn-out avantgarde attitudes or to design objects from the past which nowadays have become stale classics.

What could it mean today to be modern, after the concept of modernism and its dark dialectic of enlightenment have been thoroughly discredited and its successors of postmodernism and post-postmodernism as well as various retro movements have also run its course? Or have we never been modern – yet?

It is time to revitalize modernism’s old rallying cry of “Make it new!” and apply it to the notion of “being modern” itself. The ideas of the Bauhaus, once the epitome of modern lifestyle, are the starting point for reconsidering the concept of “being modern”. In its fourth year, Digital Bauhaus investigates past, present and future modes of being modern: as aesthetic practice and as structure of feeling, in digital culture as well as in architecture and urbanism, in the arts as well as in fashion, design and food culture.

Digital Bauhaus is the annual boutique conference for an international audience of creatives, researchers and anyone interested in new cultural formations. Updating the Bauhaus philosophy, we explore the political dimensions of design: from collaboration to social design, from Luxury Communism to this year’s topic “Being Modern”.


Participation in Digital Bauhaus 2017 is free of charge, but limited to 150 people. If you would like to attend, please apply no later than April 30 via http://digitalbauhaussummit.de/participate/